HMTS-Series in hospitals and healthcare facilities provide the optimized results safely and effectively.
Strong Lumen Claim
    The HMTS plasma sterilizers have been validated for hard lumen with various size.
Speed cycle time
    The HMTS plasma sterilizers offer faster cycle time of 35-40 minutes from the unique and outstanding technologies. The faster cycle enables your sterile storage and staffs organize daily schedule easy and bring you with the higher efficiency for your operation on time
Safe process and by-products
    The HMTS plasma sterilizers provides you with its unique technology of cracking the residual hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, which fully guarantees safe for your staff as well as environment.
Sensible running cost
    The HMTS plasma sterilizers have reasonable cost per cycle, excellent load efficiency (for its total volume), and you ultimately can save time and effort for its faster cycle time.