Rapid Sterilization
    HMTS offers so a rapid a turnover that it helps reduce inventory of
instruments. Sterilizing process could be done within 40 minutes.
Aeration is not required because there is no toxic residue.
Rapid cycles facilitate effective inventory control.
Economic effect
    With low temperature and pressure using hydrogen peroxide, and enabled by plasma technology, HMTS sterilizes medical devices
without the degrading effects of steam, which could dull sharp micro surgical
instruments, thereby compromising product integrity.

HMTS can be placed wherever users want because it occupies just a tiny space. There are no ventilation or any kinds of additional installation needed to run HMTS.
Environmentally Friendliness
    No harmful emissions to users and to the environment, as the only
primary end products of the sterilization process are oxygen
and vaporized water.
Expansion of Sterilization
    Using Hydrogen Peroxide (HO) gas powered by plasma technology under low pressure and low temperature,it sterilizes metal and non-metal instruments alike rapidly and safely, especially those heat and/or moisture sensitive instruments.

It provides reliable and flexible sterilization to all of electronic powered devices,
micro-surgical devices, and fiber-optic products. Low humidity operating
makes the system possible to process moisture-sensitive devices
without damaging sophisticated electronic-powered devices as well.
Easy to Use
    It operates on a fully automatic control system using a touch screen.
A 5.6” LCD monitor
displays a complete sterilizing process.
Data Output & Storage
    All the data such as system history and processing condition
are printed out on a thermal paper and saved on a 32MB memory card.
Efficient Sterilization
    By adopting a bottle, one-time supplement of the bottle enables 20 sterilization cycles.
Therefore, cost of sterilization is significantly reduced.