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Personnel System
Labor Condition
Online Opportunity
Compensation policy
  HUMANMEDITEK provides compensation based on one-year period for each individual.
The compensation and package system is being built for future performance.
The level of compensation in HUMANMEDITEK is highly competitive comparing to our
  Compensation policy
  Annual salary for each individual
  Working hours
  09:00~18:00 (Weekdays)
Welfare policy
  The welfare policy of HUMANMEDITEK prepares for pleasant working environment to
enhance the quality of all employees. And, the company supports its employees
on its uttermost efforts.
Five working days a week
Allowance for various family affairs
Summer vacation and condominium provided
4 insurances (health insurance, national pension, industrial insurance,
  labor insurance)
Dinner and vehicle provided for business use
Working cloth and self-development supported
Birthday parties and gifts for employees
Picnic and casual meetings on regular basis
Stock option and various in-house clubs supported (TBC)