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Personnel System
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Personnel System
  The personnel policy of HUMANMEDITEK is structured with various assessment tools
with strict discipline and performance-based system to promote voluntary efforts and
eagerness from all employees. The company tries to motivate all of its employees,
based on the basic process of planning, achievement and assessment.
  Basic policy
  Promotion and compensation are determined based on the performance and
capability after thorough assessment on individual’s potential and aptitude rather
than the level of education or experience. Currently, an objective assessment
system is being established.
  Promotion period
  Regular promotion - Once a year (January 1st)
Special promotion - To be determined by Human Resource Committee)
Promotion is determined based on the performance and efficiency rating.
Recruit policy
  In-house recommendation
  Competent employee is recommended in-house.
  Open recruiting
  Recruiting ad → Paper screening→ 1st Interview (Head of Division)
→ Field test (if necessary) → 2nd Interview (Management) → Notice of Offer
→ Paper work → Employee contract → Hired