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Mose : Description of sterilization by fire
Scheele : Discovery of chlorine
Thenard, L.J. : Discovery of Hydrogen Peroxide
Schwan,J. : The beginning of sterilization by heat, chemical material
Semmelweis,L : Using Chloro lime for puerperal prevention
Schroeder &Dusch : Using Filters
Sterilization of high temperature and high pressure
Wurtz, C.A. : Discovery of Ethylen Oxide
Kuchenmeister : Using phenol as sterilizing agent for the first time
Pasteru, L : proof of relation between puerperal fever and bacilluses
Lister, J : Using phenol for infection prevention after operation
Hoffmann, A.W : Discovery of formaldehyde
Lister, J : On the antiseptic principle in the practice of surgery
Koch, R. : Descovery of bacillus anthracis as the cause of disease
for the first time by infection experiment
Tyndall, T. : Tyndallization Intermittent sterilization method
Pasteur,L. : Necessity and process of aseptic surgery
Chamberland, C. : The first Autoclave
Bergman, E.V. : Steam sterilization
Davidsohn : Boiling sterilization
Reinecke : Sterilization action of 90% alcohol
Kinyoun,J.J. : The dual structure of Autoclave
Grossich, A. : Operation field sterilization by iodine tincture
Schrader & Bossert : Examination of sterilization action
by Ethylene Oxide
Underwood,W. : Completion of high pressure steam sterilizer
Philips & Kaye : Build up theory of Ethylene oxide gas
sterilization by 90% D value
Stonehill et al.: Development of Glutaraldehyde