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01 | About Sterilization
    About Sterilization
Sterilization is the act or process, physical or chemical,
that destroys or eliminates all forms of life, especially
microorganisms. In healthcare facilities presents ...
02 | History of Sterilization
    History of Sterilization
1450 B.C : Mose Description of sterilization by fire
1774 : Scheele Discovery of chlorine
1818 : Thenard, L.J. Discovery of Hydrogen Peroxide
03 | Plasma Sterilization
    Plasma Sterilization
Plasma was named by an American physicist, Irving
Langmuir. It was referred to the group of positive ions
and electrons with an electric charge created ...
04 | Sterilization Process
     Sterilization Process
Vacuum I : Evacuation of sterilization chamber to 500mTorr
Diffusion I : Automatic injection I and diffusion of 4.8ml
      of vaporized hydrogen peroxide.
05 | Quick Operating Guide
     Quick Operating Guide
Before the loading, you must make sure that each item
should be washed, rinsed, and completely dried.
Using the Latex glove as PPE(Personal ...
06 | Technical Info.
    Technical Info.
Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid at room
temperature with a bitter taste. Small amounts of
gaseous hydrogen peroxide occur naturally ...
07 | Technical FAQ
    Technical FAQ
What is the limitation of unusable sterilization items for HMTS sterilizer, and what type of biological indicator is being used?