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Definition of plasma
  Plasma was named by an American physicist, Irving Langmuir. It was referred to
a group of positive ions and electrons with an electric charge created by electrical
discharge, and plasma physics is the study of the physical properties of plasma.
  Plasma is known as the fourth state of material and 99% of all the materials in the
space is known to be plasma. Solid has the lowest energy among all types of
materials. When solid acquires heat (energy), it transforms to phases of liquid
and gas, sequentially.
When gas is applied with a greater energy, it becomes
plasma with ionized elements, which are different from the prior phases.
As the number of positive and negative ions compensates each other, the overall
electrical property of plasma becomes neutral.
Principle of plasma technology
  We can often experience the plasma technology from air purifier.
The inside of an air purifier consists of a high-voltage generator, which applies high
voltage to two electrodes located a few millimeters apart from each other.
When high voltage is applied to the electric plates facing each other and polluted air passes through the space between the plates, the air, acquiring high energy, is sent back again to the atmosphere in a form of ozone and ions. The air, then, is sterilized and purified with ozone and ions. Based on this principle, therefore, an air purifier generates ozone and ions.
Principle of plasma sterilization
  The plasma technology, adopted by HUMANMEDITEK, resembles the technology
described above. The following summarizes the structure of technology.
  As shown in the figure, hydrogen peroxide remained after sterilization is absorbed
into the plasma generator with two electrodes. Then, plasma is generated between
the electrodes, which are applied with high voltage, and the light similar to neon light is emitted. In addition, hydrogen peroxide steam, entered into the plasma generator, is degraded into oxygen and water with high-voltage energy and ejected. based on the principle of air purifier described above.
  As illustrated, the applied technology of plasma is being used and gaining more
attention in the field of environment protection.
The picture below shows that after being applied with high-voltage energy in the plasma generator of HMTS, purple color is emitted when hydrogen peroxide becomes plasma.